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Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things. Joseph Pilates

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Esprit Pilates studio’s unique offering of traditional Pilates, strength training TRX, toning dance of Booty Barre and restorative benefits of Yamuna body rolling combine to celebrate the liveliness of the mind, body and spirit.


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Pilates is intelligent, functional exercise developed by Joseph Pilates for attaining optimal, lifelong well-being. Pilates lengthens and strengthens muscles simultaneously, helping to create an energized, pain-free, flexible and strong body.

It is as much for the mind as it is for the body.  When clients learn to fully concentrate while executing each exercise with precision and control, the body will dramatically improve. 

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Yamuna Body Rolling

A therapeutic approach to stuck joints and tight overused muscles, Yamuna Body Rolling is a unique method that creates and sustains proper posture, flexibility, strength and alignment of the body. Using specialized balls, routines are performed that stimulate the release of muscular origins, tendons and muscle bellies, resulting in lengthened and relaxed muscles and open joint capsules.  Keep Reading →

Booty Barre

Booty Barre s a fusion of dance, ballet, Pilates, yoga and weight training centralized around sound biomechanics, effective movement, safe practises and Pilates principals. It is cardio fun! You have the choice to work as hard as you chose to, burning a lot of calories in every class. Esprit Pilates Booty Barre instructors are certified by Booty Barre developer, fitness and lifestyle expert Tracy Mallett, as seen in Pilates Style magazine and Shape Magazine.  Keep Reading →

TRX Suspension Training

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It is a type of training based in Pilates principals that uses your own body weight to build strength, balance, coordination and flexibility, and core and joint stability all while preventing injuries. Keep Reading →

Meet Our Team


Sharla has always loved dance and movement and how the body adapts beautifully to move itself through space. She began teaching aerobics in 1989 (ACE certified) noticing how many people loved to exercise but were sidelined with injuries. She became a personal trainer in 1998, opening a small gym in 1999. Dissatisfied with the current methods of rehabilitating “weekend warriors,” Sharla searched for better techniques. After experiencing her first Pilates class on the reformer she knew she had found the answer to helping people learn how to move again, freely and painlessly. Sharla entered the Core Dynamics Certification program founded by Eve Gentry, who studied under Joseph Pilates in the early 60’s.

  • Core Dynamics Pilates
  • A.C.E. Aerobics
  • A.C.E. Personal Trainer
  • P.A.C.E. Arthritis for Land and Water
  • Yamuna Body Rolling
  • Booty Barre Primary Instructor Training
I love teaching people how to move and love watching how the body responds to Pilates training and becomes stronger, flexible and graceful.


Mandi is classically trained in Ballet and Pilates mat exercises in addition to being a certified Booty Barre instructor. She loves blending the principles of dance, Pilates and yoga into her Booty Barre classes. Mandi is always full of good energy and happy thoughts to share. This mother of seven beautiful children loves running, doing Pilates, practicing yoga and teaching others! 



  • Booty Barre Primary Instructor Training
I love helping people find and become the best version of themselves!


Don’t be surprised to find our “studio dog” Mya when you come into Esprit Pilates. A Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, she was rescued by Sharla six years ago and loves to come to work with her. On days that she is in the studio she’ll be in the back ready to offer a belly rub or a head pat to anyone who is willing.





Mya loves people as much as we do, she enjoys greeting them and giving as much doggie love as only she can.

Hear from our amazing clients!

I have seen a dramatic improvement in my posture, muscle tone and weight since I began taking classes with Sharla. I’ve noticed I have fewer aches and pains from sitting behind a desk all day. But my favorite thing is the small classes and the sense of camaraderie. I always feel like I get personal attention and it’s like catching up with friends at the end of the work day.

Julie A.

There are other studios that offer Pilates and Booty Barre but Esprit Pilates is the only one at which I not only get a great workout but also feel part of a large, wonderfully diverse family that cares for its members.


Working with Sharla has been a place of healing for over 20 years!  Pilates, Reformer and Yamuna Body Rolling are enhanced with incredible teaching, observing and listening with a kind heart.

Naomi Rhode

CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Co Founder Smart Practice

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